An Isolated Incident

“An Isolated Incident is clear-eyed and forceful. It’s always compelling, it’s extremely well-written, and most of all it’s important.”


Three Dreams in the Key of G

“I don’t expect Three Dreams in the Key of G to reach a huge audience, but I expect it to find a devoted one. The people who grasp it and read it in the right way – meditatively, slowly – will find gems to be uncovered in it.”

The Stone Tide

“It’s a rush of overwhelming sensation, alternately hilarious and horrifying, and I enjoyed it more than almost anything I’ve read all year. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Tales from the Shadow Booth vol. 2

“The people who do seek out The Shadow Booth will find inside a selection of off-beat fiction that’s so much wittier and more imaginative than a lot of modern horror, and it’s certainly encouraging to know there are editors out there championing stories of this style and quality.”

Parts Per Million

“I’m really sad to leave the world of Parts Per Million… It’s an impressive and exciting novel that dares to tackle some highly complex issues, and does it with such confidence as to make it look easy.”