The Proverb Zoo

“It’s obviously the work of a writer with a distinctive imagination and an enormous confidence…”


A Spoke in the Wheel

“For my part I found it a charming book – insightful, enlightening, and uplifting.”

After the Death of Ellen Keldberg

“It has an exciting narrative laden with interesting ideas, all making for a surprisingly rich experience – whether it’s exploring nature vs. nurture or the purpose of art.”

An Isolated Incident

“An Isolated Incident is clear-eyed and forceful. It’s always compelling, it’s extremely well-written, and most of all it’s important.”

The New Uncanny

“The New Uncanny pinpoints the way writing can capture the truth of an insane world… it’s a terrifically enjoyable collection, and an important one.”

Three Dreams in the Key of G

“I don’t expect Three Dreams in the Key of G to reach a huge audience, but I expect it to find a devoted one. The people who grasp it and read it in the right way – meditatively, slowly – will find gems to be uncovered in it.”

The Stone Tide

“It’s a rush of overwhelming sensation, alternately hilarious and horrifying, and I enjoyed it more than almost anything I’ve read all year. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile

“It’s a thing of wonder, really, a masterful combination of dedicated research and a unique voice. Quite simply, you’ll read nothing else like it this year.”