15 Minutes

“These stories are infectiously joyous, the work of a writer who cares about delighting her audience and works hard to shape their reaction.”


Brief Lives

“These are stories about people pondering their own place in the universe, forced into unexpected connection by chance or fate. They’re about the worlds that we build around ourselves, and how strong the bonds of tradition or culture or family can be.”

The Hurtle of Hell

“Simon Edge’s novel “The Hurtle of Hell” feels like the sort of thing that Douglas Adams might have enjoyed… it’s an endearingly strange narrative, an innovative new angle on a familiar story.”

Tales from the Shadow Booth vol. 2

“The people who do seek out The Shadow Booth will find inside a selection of off-beat fiction that’s so much wittier and more imaginative than a lot of modern horror, and it’s certainly encouraging to know there are editors out there championing stories of this style and quality.”

The Negligents

“There will be people for whom this novel connects on an extraordinary level, of that I have no doubt: who are totally engrossed by its domestic drama and its light touch with issues and the way it refuses to spell things out…”

The Cartography of Others

“Catherine McNamara’s short story collection is a work of dazzling confidence. It’s a carnival of different cultures and writing styles, resounding with brilliant images that linger long after reading, and it should mark McNamara out as a major literary talent.”

Parts Per Million

“I’m really sad to leave the world of Parts Per Million… It’s an impressive and exciting novel that dares to tackle some highly complex issues, and does it with such confidence as to make it look easy.”

Living Together

“Living Together is only sixteen pages, but Matt Thomas uses those sixteen pages carefully to build an steadily escalating disquiet… It’s a hilarious, troubling, profound, baffling, uncanny, wonderful piece of fiction, and I loved it.”