“It’s a novel steeped in ghosts… a terrific evocation of the strangeness we experience everyday.”



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The German Room

“The whole book is strange, haunting and brave. It’s a piece of writing that demands to be read slowly, and one that will linger long after reading.”


“It’s an entertaining, witty novel which for a number of reasons can feel deceptively light, but actually takes aim at some really important targets.”

Older Brother

“You can argue about what Older Brother is – autofiction, memoir – but you can’t argue it’s anything but a masterpiece.”

Love Bites

“Love Bites is the work of an extraordinary, confident writer. I really, really liked it – its surrealism fresh and vibrant, its imagery sticking with me long after I’d put it down.”

Chains: Unheard Voices

“What felt most impressive is how assured it all is. True to their vision, the editors pulled together a collection of excellent, off-beat stories from some terrific writers.”

The Groundsmen

“It’s a work of extraordinary power, but also deeply troubling: it makes you question the moral duty of fiction itself.”