About Us

It’s hard to discover Literary Fiction written by independent authors.

Although there are a number of well-known, highly successful indie authors writing in particular genres, it’s been more difficult for independent authors of Literary Fiction to break out.

Partly this is because many Literary Fiction readers like to have a physical artefact – an actual, paper book that they can hold in their hands. Partly it’s because Literary Fiction readers discover new authors through the review media, or displays in shops. And partly it’s because these books don’t get the same word-of-mouth buzz as genre hits.

All of which conspires to make it really difficult to discover new Literary Fiction authors.


This blog is designed to make it easier to discover those new voices in indie Literary Fiction.

It will champion works by small presses and independent authors, the kind of books that might otherwise be overlooked by The Guardian’s review section or lost in the Kindle store.

If you’re a lover of great writing, wanting to read a wider range of diverse and unusual voices, then this is the place to start. And if you’ve always been a fan of books that are distinctive, challenging and eclectic, then you’ll find plenty of them here.


It is an exciting time for Literary Fiction.

Self-publishing offers an incredible opportunity for authors to put out risky fiction – fiction that pushes boundaries and deserves an audience.

It’s time for authors and readers alike to embrace this new opportunity.

That’s what this blog is for. We hope you find something to love on its pages.